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We are a faith-based medication-assisted opiate treatment center serving Greenwood and the Indianapolis Surrounding Community

Alpha Omega Elevation is a Faith Based Opiate Treatment Center in Greenwood Indiana and we serve the Indianapolis Community by providing treatment for stopping the use op Opiates through a treatment program that uses medicines like Suboxone that is proscribed by our Greenwood Suboxone Doctor Dee Bonney in combination with our drug addiction treatment staff who also assists in treating the mental addiction as well as the physical components of addiction.

What does that even mean?
Let’s start with medication-assisted therapy. That means we use drugs, like Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone, also called "Subs"), to help clients with addiction to heroin or oxycodone to not suffer through withdrawal symptoms. With a medication like buprenorphine, which is called a "partial opiate agonist," the person with an addiction to heroin gets stabilized levels of dopamine in the brain, so he or she is not high or sedated, but is just “even” – not bouncing between euphoria and withdrawal. This helps tremendously with heroin and other opiate addiction.
We combine this medication-assistance with group counseling with addiction counselors and even individual counseling, if desired, to help our clients conquer heroin, oxycodone, hydrocodone, alcohol or methamphetamine addiction. Our therapists will help each person take a look deep inside to figure out what needs to happen to restore balance and peace to our clients’ lives. We are not in the business of shame, guilt, or finger-pointing. Our counselors understand that we need to live according to our design in order to find joy in our lives, which comes not from just escaping pain, but from being able to handle what comes at us throughout our lives.
That brings us to the most important part of all this: the faith component. We operate under the belief that each of us are eternal, spiritual beings who are created in God’s image. But, we’re also broken people, and sometimes that brokeness reveals itself in addiction to heroin or other substances. We have come to understand that developing a relationship with God, and living as He created us to live, brings true peace and abundance in this life AND the next. When we aren't living this way, life hurts, and some people reach for heroin or oxycodone to "ease" that pain.

But, we’re not going to brow-beat anyone with a Bible. You don’t have to believe in God or be a Christian to be seen in our office. We aren’t going to try to “convert” you to our way of thinking, but we will be willing to have an open dialogue about spiritual issues. We won’t neglect this important part of our lives or yours!

Our staff is currently comprised of 

Greenwood Suboxone Doctor Dee Bonney M.D.


Megan Bonney registered nurse, practice manager

Liz Brown Nurse Practitioner

Tate Short 

Medication Assisted Treatment

Utilizing medication designed to eliminate withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings, we start treatment that will begin to improve wellness right away.

Faith Based

We operate under the belief that each of us are eternal, spiritual beings who are created in God’s image. 

Counseling On Site

At Alpha Omega Elevation, we believe healing all this stuff on the inside is as important as fixing the immediate need to end withdrawal symptoms and feel normal.

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Our Location

We are conveniently located just south of Indianapolis in Greenwood, Indiana:

1700 W Smith Valley Rd. Suite C-1 Greenwood INDIANA (IN) 46142

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Appointments are available days, evenings and weekends. Give us a call at 317.300.4091, email us at aoelevation@gmail.com, or schedule an appoinment online.

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