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At Alpha Omega Elevation, we believe that our clients who are battling addiction to heroin, oxycodone, fentanyl or hydrocodone need a one-stop environment where they can begin the process of healing. Our bundled services include one-on-one intake and follow-up assessment by our providers, drug screens as required, and the opportunity to participate in group counseling sessions that meet at least twice per week. We even provide treatment for clients who are struggling with methamphetamine, cocaine, or alcohol. 

Participants in group counseling will receive an interactive journal to start their journey toward recovery so they can begin to untangle and heal the inner brokenness that lead to heroin or oxycodone to begin with. We have physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, counselors and receptionists who understand the value of each person who walks through our doors, regardless of paths and decisions that have complicated one’s life. Our team is comprised of people who understand the spiritual connection that allows our past to not dictate our future, which can liberate our clients from heroin abuse and addiction.

We will never impose our values on our clients, but, at the same time, we will not shy away from discussions about faith. Not only will our staff welcome clients when they walk through the door, our providers will return calls in a timely manner so those people under our care are never without a resource to discuss their situation. And, if a follow-up visit is needed during the month for medication adjustments, there is no additional fee. 

Our addiction and biblical counselors are also available for individual sessions right here in our offices for an additional fee per appointment.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Utilizing medication designed to eliminate withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings, we start treatment that will begin to improve wellness right away.

Faith Based

We operate under the belief that each of us are eternal, spiritual beings who are created in God’s image. 

Counseling On Site

At Alpha Omega Elevation, we believe healing all this stuff on the inside is as important as fixing the immediate need to end withdrawal symptoms and feel normal.

The Alpha Omega Elevation Philosophy

"You are by far the best treatment I have ever had for this."

– AOE Client since 8/2018


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We are conveniently located just south of Indianapolis in Greenwood, Indiana:

1700 W Smith Valley Rd. Suite C-1 Greenwood INDIANA (IN) 46142

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Appointments are available days, evenings and weekends. Give us a call at 317.300.4091, email us at aoelevation@gmail.com, or schedule an appoinment online.

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