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We have licensed addiction AND biblical counselors on staff who conduct group counseling sessions at least twice a week for those struggling with any addiction, including heroin, oxycodone, fentanyl, hydrocodone, methamphetamine, or alcohol. These professionals understand that walking with a person to find healing from heroin is not about casting shame and guilt on our clients, but is about helping each person to examine core issues that have lead to the need to escape the difficulties in life. We believe that once we are living the way we were designed, problems become less overwhelming and life is more manageable.

In addition to our counselors’ skill and experiences, Alpha Omega Elevation also will have co-facilitators at group sessions, and these are individuals who have found sobriety on the other side of their own addictions and who have found a relationship with God as the key to putting their lives back together. They have found a way to write their story with a new ending.

Alpha Omega Elevation will provide group counseling participants with an interactive journaling workbook to help facilitate self-examination and growth. Counselors will coach our clients on how to utilize these resources to achieve the best personal growth and change in the shortest time possible!

Medication Assisted Treatment

Utilizing medication designed to eliminate withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings, we start treatment that will begin to improve wellness right away.

Faith Based

We operate under the belief that each of us are eternal, spiritual beings who are created in God’s image. 

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We are conveniently located just south of Indianapolis in Greenwood, Indiana:

1700 W Smith Valley Rd. Suite C-1 Greenwood INDIANA (IN) 46142

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Appointments are available days, evenings and weekends. Give us a call at 317.300.4091, email us at aoelevation@gmail.com, or schedule an appoinment online.

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